AE Aerospace

AE Aerospace: Spaceflight technology design.

A new age of Industry

AE Aersopace looks to be a future leader in aerospace design, idealogy, and innovation. Instead of building every aspect of our designs we will look to sell rights to and licence out most of our ideas for the developement of the aerospace industry. Instead of being the company that has an idea and looks to build the next greatest plane or spacecraft, we will look to the "car-industrialization" of the aerospace industry to develope rocket part, engine components, heat shields and other parts so larger companies can spend less on development and can take the time to develope or repair their personal ventures. We hope that you choose to use our consultation, buy our products, use or licences, and use us for reasearch and product developement! What we do is work for your company to get done what you need done. Whether it is designing a marketing campaign for you or developing a technology. We do this at LOW prices with LOW paperwork.

Our Main Services:
-Aerospace company marketing
-Product design and development
-Welding and fabrication



From the CEO:
Thank you for visiting our site. AE Aerospace has just recently come into the public eye, and we hope to do very well here. We have existed for a few years now developing technologies based off our own designs, physics, nature, and hints from other projects. We hope that someday soon the space industry will become like the car industry, with parts suppliers other than just private buliders, assembly lines to mass produce, and the competition needed for innovation. Please feel free to go through the website now, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or business concerns. Thank you.

 Note: AE Aerospace is looking to join a larger company. Please go to the contact us page and send us an email if you have a serious inquiry... Or just hire us.