AE Aerospace

AE Aerospace: Spaceflight technology design.

Private Spaceflight Consultation and Design

 We believe in low prices and low paperwork!

Effective Logo/Letterhead/Slogan Design
Website Design
Advertisment Design
Application DevelopmentWe offer consultation services to private spaceflight companies about the practicality and physics of their design, and on the marketing of their company. In the physical sector of our cosultation services we offer:
-Physical analasis of your project.
-Possible secondary uses of your project.
-Possible solutions to your projects flaws.
-Where to purchase supplies for your project.
-Partnership Consultation 

 In marketing we offer:
-Search Engine Placement/Optimization
-Web Linking
-Market Placement Consultation
-Advertisment Consultation
-Effective Logo/Letterhead/Slogan Design
-Website Design
-Customer solutions and probability for your project.
-Solutitions to increase funding. 
-Social Networking Solutions
-Website Speeding Up
-Domain and Hosting Solutions 

 In build services we do:
-Product development.
-Problem solving and development.

We believe in the future of spaceflight and rates are very low. If you need consultation or design services, we will often throw in additional services at no additional cost.

Licensing Rights

We offer inexpensive licenses to our technologies that we have developed. If you do not see a technology that meets you companies needs, simply send us an email and we can help you develope a technology that will. We have many solutions that we have not published on here that could improve your company. 

We believe in the future of spaceflight and rates are very low. If you need a certain technology we will begin development quickly and will draw an estimate and you will only be charged for licensing, not for the technology design process.