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Hybrid Ion Rocket Engine

This is a rocket engine (any rocket engine from a solid rocket engine to a liquid engine such as the f-1, the ssme, rd-180) with two grids inside the cumbustion chamber (the top grid could be the top of the chamber, the bottom grid could be in the nozzle). The grid at the top will be positivly charged and the grid at the bottom will be negativly charged so that the burning fuel creating gasses would be propelled even faster out the nozzle. The actual rocket must have low electrical conductivity (cast iron, steel, or titanium) and the grids must have high cunductivity, and very high melting points since they are in the rocket(titanium carbide, tugsten carbide, or rhenium). It is a mixture of a normal rocket engine and an ion thruster (based on the law of conservation of energy,so the electicity provides more energy yet less mass, and the fact that all burning rocket exhaust is still a gas). This is not an ion engine, a rocket engine, or a plasma engine. It is a hybrid of ion and rocket technology.

This technology has gone through peer review and development. See more info at:


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