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One of our newest developments, the scearamjet is the supersonic combustion electric assisted ramjet. It is a development of the scramjet, based on the priciple of making the air inside the jet move at supersonic speeds to get the jet to perform instead of the whole aircraft, while still having few to no moving parts. Projections for the top speed go along with the scramjet at somewhere between mach 12 and 24. Supersonic airflow is reached after the aircraft reachesits topspeed (which does not have to be supersonic) a heat coil is activated, and along with the airflow, causes thrust due to heat moving towards cold air (the same way wind is made) and also by ionizing air and exhaust then propeling it backwards using positives and negatives. These additions could make an aircraft traveling at Mach 0.8 have scramjet propulsion of Mach1, making them effective.

Wing Developing

Based off of physics and the diamond shape of the F-22 and F-35 aircraft this wing setup is designed for speed and lift. The basic design of it consists of a sweep and a taper on the inside of the wing (towards the fusualge) so the average chord at this point is large, but decreasing like a triangle. Then the sweep and taper slightly change until the wing is straight and with a narrow chord and finally, a reverse sweep is added. This design would maximize lift with reverse sweep, taper, and aspect ratio (span/chord). It would increase speed with sweep and taper.

Nozzle Rifling

Designed only for sounding rockets, this makes the rocket have a spin so it is more acturate. This would replace fins, which create drag on the rocket, but due to the spinning would not be safe for humans or large loads. This process consists only of cutting spiraled grooves inside the nozzle (like a rifle barrel) so the blast still comes down straight and with the same force, but with the blast going in a spiral motion. This is similar to a practice used in early military rockets.

New Project

We are going to start experimenting with electroplating metals to make them better for rocket engines. In theory we could use an inexpensive metal to build the engine with then use electro plating to make it able to withstand more heat or electricity. It could reduce the cost of rockets by alot if we can work out a system with it.


 Patent: InventNow Patent

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